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Generating Greener Energy With Geomembranes

A new high temperature-resistant geomembrane has been helping optimize heating distribution in Denmark.

The specialist material has been used to line and insulate a thermal energy storage pit where hot water is kept when it is cheap to produce and discharged when production is expensive or during peak times. This makes distribution more efficient, enables cost savings and helps the energy industry to be more climate neutral.

The profile, which details how the Agru PP-HTR membrane was implemented and associated green benefits, is the latest in the IGS Sustainability Case Study series. Launched in March, the series highlights how geosynthetics offer a more sustainable solution in construction projects. Available as one-page pdfs, the profiles are easily downloaded and shareable.

Access the latest case study and more on the IGS Sustainability web page here, where you can also find more resources including eBooks, videos, and papers.

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