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Free Access To Giroud Lectures

Thirty years of Giroud Lectures are now available to download for free.

The Institution of Civil Engineers is now allowing free access to all the lecture papers via the website of Geosynthetics International, the official journal of the IGS.

The Giroud Lecture was established by the IGS in 1994 in recognition of the invaluable contributions of Dr. J.P. Giroud to the technical advancement of the geosynthetics discipline and his central role in the development of the IGS.

Included in the Giroud Lectures, and in recognition of Dr. Giroud, is the inaugural ‘first Giroud lecture’ which was presented at the opening session of the 5th International Conference on Geosynthetics in 1994 before the Giroud Lecture was officially established. Giroud Lectures have followed every four years during the opening of the International Conference on Geosynthetics ever since.

There have been six speakers since the inaugural lecture; Professor Robert Koerner (1998), Prof. Kerry Rowe (2002), Chris Lawson (2006), Prof. Heinz Brandl (2010), Prof. Richard Bathurst (2014) and IGS Vice President Dr. Nathalie Touze (2018).

The IGS Giroud Lecturers. Top Left to Right: Professor Robert Koerner (1998), Prof. Kerry Rowe (2002), and Chris Lawson (2006). Bottom Left to Right: Prof. Heinz Brandl (2010), Prof. Richard Bathurst (2014) and IGS Vice President Dr. Nathalie Touze (2018)

Their fascinating lectures are now available in full – a unique resource for practitioners at all stages of work, research and interest in the industry.

Journal editor and former Giroud Lecture speaker Dr. Bathurst said: “The Giroud Lecture is a prestigious honor and I’m pleased its impact can continue. The speakers who shared their ideas with so many can now share them with so many more thanks to this open source initiative.”

The search is now on for the next Giroud Lecture speaker, who will give their talk at the 12thICG in Rome in September 2022. Nominations have closed and submissions are being considered by the IGS Council.

Read an interview with Dr. Giroud on the legacy of the iconic lecture series here.