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Finalists Announced For 12th ICG Young Paper Award Contest

Young engineers shortlisted for the Best Young Member Paper prize at the 12th International Conference on Geosynthetics (ICG) have been revealed.

Ten Young Members will compete at the 12th ICG, which takes place on September 17-21 in Rome, where they will present their papers at the IGS Young Member Session on September 20. Open to all conference participants to watch, competitors will be rated on the content, style of presentation and delivery by a panel of judges.

Young Paper Award Finalists – Top: Earl Marvin De Guzman, Giovani Lombardi, Viviana Mangraviti, V. Vinay Kumar, Matheus Pena da Silva; Bottom: José Wilson Batista da Silva, Lucas Paiva, Nesrin Omar Akel, Subramanian S., Paulo Victor de Carvalho Figueiredo

Those competing this year and their papers are:

  • Viviana Mangraviti – ‘Basal reinforced earth embankments on piled foundations: the role of embankment construction process’ 
  • José Wilson Batista da Silva – ‘GCL hydration by lateritic soils under isothermal conditions and simulated daily thermal cycles’ 
  • Earl Marvin De Guzman – ‘Numerical modelling of a reinforced embankment in cold regions environment’ 
  • Subramanian S – ‘Predicted performance of geogrid-stabilized unbound aggregate layers using confined soil-geosynthetic composite stiffness’ 
  • Giovani Lombardi – ‘Hyperbolic models to represent the effect of mechanical damage and abrasion on the short-term tensile response of a geocomposite’ 
  • Lucas Paiva – ‘Topology optimization of a junction in a biaxial geogrid under in-isolation tensile loading’ 
  • V. Vinay Kumar – ‘Evaluation of geosynthetic-asphalt interface characteristics using leutner shear tester’ 
  • Matheus Pena da Silva – ‘Interface shear bond analysis of different geosynthetic paving interlayers’ 
  • Paulo Victor de Carvalho Figueiredo – ‘Laboratory device to evaluate connection loads in segmental geosynthetic-reinforced soil walls’ 
  • Nesrin Omar Akel – ‘A micromechanical model of a PVC geomembrane’ 

As well as receiving a Best Paper certificate, the winner will get $1,000 and be featured on the IGS website. Second prize is $600 and third prize $300. The conference registration fee has also been waived for all 10 finalists.

Dawie Marx, chair of the IGS Young Members Committee said: “After a highly competitive first round of judging, with entries from 19 different countries, we have selected our top 10 competitors. Once again the topics from our young finalists are rich and varied. The audience is in for a treat at the 12th ICG where they will hear the cutting-edge work our young members are doing in the field of geosynthetics. Good luck to all of them.”

For more information about the 12th ICG, click here.