Who can vote?

All Individual, Honorary and Corporate Members of the IGS who are “in good standing”.

What is “good standing”?

A Member who has complied with all their obligations under IGS membership, while not being subject to any form of sanction, suspension or disciplinary censure.

Who may not vote?

Student Members and any Members not “in good standing”.

Can I vote for myself?

If your name is on the ballot paper, yes.

How long are the terms?

Council members are elected from an Ordinary General Assembly until the next OGA. This is usually four years, but may be up to five years, and normally coincides with an International Conference on Geosynthetics (ICG). Some Council members are also elected mid-way between OGAs. These are the seats due for election in 2024 and will normally serve until 2028. 

Why are there only six seats for election?

Council elects around half of its elected seats every two years. This allows for a balance of rotation and continuity.

Are there regional or country limits on candidates?

No. Any number of candidates from each region or chapter may stand.

Should I vote only for candidates from my region?

You may vote as you wish. However, the IGS encourages you to have due regard for all aspects of diversity when casting your votes.

Should I vote for candidates from all regions?

The IGS encourages you to have due regard for all aspects of diversity when casting your votes.

What if I don’t cast all my votes?

Only the votes you cast will be counted. 

Can I vote for the same candidate more than once?

No. You can vote for candidates in order of preference. Your first-choice candidate will receive the most points, and your last-choice will receive the least.

Where can I learn more about the candidates?

Details of all candidates are on our website: https://www.geosyntheticssociety.org/igs-council-candidates-2024/ 

I didn’t know I could stand.

The nominations were opened in December 2023 until 2 February 2024 and announced across all IGS channels. These notifications were regularly repeated. If you have missed a chance to stand, please look out for the next opportunity in 2026.