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Exciting Year Ahead For Young Members

IGS Young Members can look forward to a stimulating program of events over 2021/22.

Recently-elected Young Members Committee chairman Dawie Marx has revealed upcoming activities his team is helping to organize.

They include:

    • EuroGeo7 (September 2021) – Student Award session where the top Young Member in each chapter in Europe presents their paper.
    • GeoAsia7 (April 2022) – Student Award session, assisting with the construction competition and Young Member conference.
    • Launching the annual photo competition for Young Members. The winner will be announced at GeoAsia7. 
    • A geosynthetic design challenge. Young members will be given a real-life problem involving geosynthetics and be asked to predict the behaviour of the structure.
    • A team led by YMC chair for Asia-Pacific and IGS Council Member Preston Kendall is working on job shadowing implementation guidelines for IGS Chapters after successful events in Australia and Brazil. The same team is looking into stimulating more undergraduate research into geosynthetics at a chapter level. 
    • GeoAfrica4 (February 2022) – Student Award session.
    • 12th ICG (September 2023) – Young Members Contest where the 10 best Young Members will compete for best paper.

The team is also working on forming a sub-committee for each region. This is building on task forces formed for North America for GeoAmericas 2020 and Europe for EuroGeo7, which it is hoping to develop into sub-committees.

For more about the YMC, click here.