North America, Canada

Educate the Educators on Geosynthetics, Ontario

This event was the second of IGS North America’s EtE events in the new format, following Austin in 2015, and the first to take place in Canada.

Key facts:

  • location: Kingston, Ontario
  • 35 participants from across the United States and Canada
  • lecturers: Prof. Jorge Zornberg, The University of Texas at Austin; Prof. Richard Brachman, Queen’s University


Educate the Educators on Geosynthetics, Indonesia

The Educate the Educators (EtE) event, was held for the first time in Indonesia in 2017. The lead organizers were the Indonesian Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (INA-IGS), in collaboration with MY IGS (Malaysian Chapter of International Geosynthetics Society), Krida Wacana Christian University and the University of Science Malaysia. The one-day EtE event was immediately followed by a on-day international seminar “Quality in Construction Using Geosynthetics” at the same venue. Discussions revealed that only a small number of campuses had already included an introduction to geosynthetics in their teaching and even fewer offered geosynthetics as an elective subject.  Participants felt that geosynthetics needed to be included in subjects such as soil improvement, so that every Civil Engineering graduate would have some knowledge of  geosynthetics.

Key facts:

  • location:  Senayan, Jakarta
  • 28 participants from Indonesia and Malaysia
  • lecturers: Sam Allen, Mike Dobie, Dr. Ir. Gouw Tjioe-Liong,  Mike Sadlier, Prof.  Dr. Fauziah Ahmad, Amelia Makmur


Manila was the location of the first ever EtE program in Southeast Asia. The progam was developed by the IGS Philippine Chapter in collabaration with the IGS-Asian Activities Committee. In addition to providing  the knowledge and tools to help educators integrate geosynthetics into their courses, the program was also a valuable opportunity to establish contacts with IGS institutional members from industry for future collaborations such as student on the job training (OJT) programs and faculty industry immersion.

Key facts:

  • location: Manila
  • 42 participants:  22 from academia representing 12 institutions; 20 from industry
  • topics: types and functions of geosynthetics; properties and tests; reinforcement applications; hydraulic applications and erosion control; construction in soft clays; environmental protection; composite liners; highway applications
  • lecturers: Prof. Rajagopal Karpurapu; Prof. Chungsik Yoo; Prof. Chiwan Wayne Hsieh; Mr Boyd Ramsey
  • sponsors:  Maccaferri Philippines, PGA Earth Structure Solutions Inc,  Supersonic Manufacturing Inc