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English Version of the New Fascicle 10 Now Available!


General recommendations for the use of geomembranes in barrier systems
The reference text for the design, construction and site inspections
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Paris, October 23, 2017 – The French Chapter (CFG) of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) announces the availability of the English version of the new practical guide “General recommendations for the use of geomembranes in barrier systems”.
The objective of this document is to provide general information about lining systems (LSs), and in particular about geomembranes themselves. The goal is to give professionals in this field the necessary elements to assist in the conception, implementation, control, reception, monitoring, and maintenance of the works in question.
This document is a collection of definitions, information, and recommendations used by professionals in the field, such as project managers, contractors, laboratories, experts, and geosynthetic manufacturers and installers. It covers the following fields of application:

  • Hydraulic works (dams, ponds, canals, ditches, …),
  • Containment structures for solid and liquid materials, and
  • Roads and railways.

The updating of this practical guide has motivated the creation of a working group of about twenty active members of the CFG who worked on this project from 2010 to 2016 to take into account the many technical and regulation evolutions since the publication of its original version in 1991.
This guide of recommendations is essential for all professionals. That is why, for the first time, the CFG has decided to publish it in English language with the aim of imposing it to the greatest number of professionals as THE reference for the implementation of geomembranes on all the hydraulic, containment and platforms projects throughout the world.” explains Paul Guinard, President of APRODEG (French Association of Producers of Geomembranes) and moderator of the working group dedicated to the revision of Fascicle 10.
This new guide presents many evolutions, particularly for:

  • The design: integration of consequences classes concepts, requirement for a geotextile protection under the geomembrane, integration of certifications, definitions of minimum characteristics for geomembranes;
  • The realization: recommendations for the realization of the support and the drainage, for the implementation of the geomembrane, the assemblies and the connections to the structures / upper layers;
  • The controls, insurance, disputes: advice on setting up controls, presentation of the roles of the various stakeholders, add-on insurance and litigation.

Note that this document cannot be assimilated to a French homologation procedure and/or a French standard. Its use must stem strictly from a voluntary approach on the part of the user.

About the French Chapter of the IGS>
The French chapter of the IGS was created in 1977 to facilitate communication between the world of industry (geosynthetics manufacturers and / or textile research centers) and the world of civil engineering (designers, project managers, geotechnical research centers, companies). This “learned society” brings together natural and legal persons interested in the development of geosynthetics (geotextiles – geomembranes and related products) in all fields, including their production and diffusion, design and study of structures.
The CFG currently has 102 members representing geotextile, geomembrane and related product sectors. Its mission is to promote geosynthetics and their applications to serve the community of French geosynthetics manufacturers and users.


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