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Educate The Educators Goes Digital

Civil engineering students can now access one of the IGS’s key geosynthetics lectures online thanks to the IGS Foundation (IGSF).

The ‘introduction to geosynthetics’ lecture, devised and supported as part of the IGS Educate the Educators (EtE) program, was traditionally given face-to-face. But the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on live events inspired the IGSF to create a digital version of the talk so it can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Presented by former IGS President Professor Jorge Zornberg, the one-hour lecture is designed for those new to geosynthetics and is split into five bite-size videos. It includes a guide for instructors on course content and learning outcomes, followed by sessions introducing geosynthetics, their types and functions, and concludes with a summary.

Complementary videos from Vice-President of IGS Brazil Professor Maria das Graças Gardoni suggest how instructors might want to structure and present the videos to create a more interactive and engaging experience for students.

IGSF Secretary-Treasurer Boyd Ramsey said: “The IGSF is dedicated to widening the knowledge of geosynthetics worldwide, so creating a digital version of this comprehensive lecture was a no-brainer.

“The session is packed with important information for those at the start of their geosynthetics journey. I’m excited we have this extra resource to help teachers better deliver these key messages to the next generation of engineers.”


For EducatorsClick here to see a selection of short videos which make up the introductory lecture from the full ETE program. These short videos provide a context and examples of experiential learning to help you to prepare your own lecture. Educators interested in implementing the “Introduction to Geosynthetics” lecture in their own classrooms, may request PowerPoint source files for this lecture by filling out the request form.

For StudentsClick here to see a selection of short videos which provide a brief introduction to geosynthetics and their different types and functions.


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