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Did You Know… Geosynthetics Enhance The Quality Of Soil For Construction?

Did You Know… geosynthetics enhance the quality of soil for construction?
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Geosynthetics are made from polymers. This means recycled polymers can be used in their manufacture as long as material quality and performance standards are maintained. In turn, geosynthetics are usually always recyclable.

However, this is not the most important point when considering geosynthetics and recycling.

Independently from the origin of the polymer, geosynthetics play an important role in the circular economy when applied to the construction industry. Thanks to their durability, geosynthetics enable the reuse and recycle of soft in-situ soils that might otherwise have to be disposed of because their mechanical or hydraulic qualities have deteriorated or do not meet the construction requirements.

Thus, eliminating or minimizing the excavation and transportation of aggregates to landfill offers environmental benefits including:

  • Preservation of the landscape
  • Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions
  • Economic savings
  • Greater project efficiency
  • Minimized costs for buying and transporting raw materials
  • Limited use of landfill



Geosynthetic solutions should be fully investigated on every infrastructure project to ensure they meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Find out more about how geosynthetics are making a difference by downloading the IGS Sustainability eBook here or visiting our Sustainability page.