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Daily Seminar on Geosynthetics – Xanthi, Greece, 19 May 2017

The Hellenic Geosynthetics Society HGS (Greek Chapter of the IGS) organized together with the Democritus University of Thrace a daily seminar dedicated on the use of geosynthetics in Civil Engineering, co-sponsored by the manufacturing Group of Companies THRACE PLASTICS. This successful seminar was attended by more than 220 persons (academics, practitioners, designers, administration members and students of civil and geotechnical engineering disciplines).

The following topics were presented during the seminar:

  • Introductive Presentation : Types and Applications of Geosynthetics
    (A. Kollios)
  • Soils Reinforced by Geotextiles – Mechanical behavior and materials interaction (I. Markou)
  • Analysis and Design of Reinforced Embankments : methodology, application and critical parameters (N. Klimis)
  • Probabilistic Analysis of Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls (I. Zevgolis)
  • The Use of Geosynthetics in Geo-environmental Applications – The case of Landfills (N.Tsatsos)
  • Sealing of Earth Dams by Geosynthetics (N. Moutafis)
  • The Use of Geosynthetics in Landfills (A. Droudakis)
  • Pavement Design by Geosynthetics (S. Karavasili)
  • Geosynthetics Applications on Asphalt Concrete Pavements (C. Stratakos)
  • Closing Presentation: Innovative Applications of Geosynthetics (I. Fikiris)

After the end of the two presentation sessions, a guided 2-hours visit to the production facilities of the Manufacturer THRACE PLASTICS was realized (visit of non-woven and geogrids production lines), attended by more than 100 persons divided into 2 groups.


Lecture given by Prof. I. Markou. Panel of Lecturers (From left): A. Kollios, Prof L. Vasiliadis, I. Fikiris, N. Tsatsos, S. Karavasili, Prof. I. Markou, Prof. I. Zevgolis.


All presentations during the daily seminar were posted on the site of the Hellenic Geosynthetics Society ( and a “contest” among young members of the HGS and students was announced concerning the translation into Greek of the existing IGS sustainability video.

Reported by

A. Kollios, Chairman of HGS