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IGS Council Task Forces

The IGS encourages Council members to identify areas or projects that need special attention. Task forces may be created to oversee or support these needs. IGS Task Forces are formed by the Council when deemed necessary and a Task Force Chair is appointed.

  • Permanent Task Forces facilitate and monitor on-going projects in their areas of expertise.
  • Temporary Task Forces are formed with specific goals to be accomplished in a set time.

Permanent IGS Task Forces

  • Conference Proceedings
  • IGS Foundation
  • GDPR Compliance

Technical Committee Coordination Task Force

The TC Coordination Task Force focuses on oversight and coordination of the Technical Committees of the IGS. Current technical committees include TC-Soil Reinforcement, TC-Filtration, TC-Barrier Systems, and TC-Hydraulics.

Committee Chair
Dr. Jorge G. Zornberg, P.E.
The University of Texas at Austin

Conference Resources Task Force

The Conference Resources Task Force is focused on consolidating the rich experiences gained at every IGS conference. The Committee’s purpose is to work with the guidelines already in place and the knowledge gained from previous conferences to create support system documents. This documentation assists the Society’s development of future events.

Committee Chair
Mr. Peter Legg, PrEng
Legg Consulting

International Liaison Task Force

The International Liaison Task Force is charged with establishing and maintaining relationships with other societies and organizations which have interests and activities that parallel, compliment, or contribute to the goals and objectives of the IGS. The committee seeks to coordinate both the timing and the content of conferences, exhibitions, and educational tools to maximize benefits to the IGS membership.

Committee Chair
Dr. Russell Jones
Golder Associates

Membership Initiatives Task Force

The Membership Initiatives Task Force evaluates pressing issues related to the characteristics and number of IGS members. The main goals of this task force:

  • Research to understand the motivation of geosynthetics professionals and use the information garnered to create a more attractive benefits package to increase IGS membership numbers.
  • Understand why members decide not to renew their membership and find ways to encourage them to renew.
  • Find ways to attract student members to the IGS.
  • Increase visibility of the IGS in the engineering community.
  • Facilitate communication and links among IGS constituencies.

Committee Chair
Dr. Erol Güler
Bogazici University, Department of Civil Engineering


Temporary Task Forces

In addition to the permanent task forces, a number of task forces are short-lived, with an expected completion of their activities in one or two years. These temporary groups have included Task Forces on Chapter Services, Online Discussion Forum, Membership Database, Society Documents, Webinar Policy, and Awards Protocols. These task forces have been assigned well-defined tasks, which are projected to be completed and delivered to the IGS Council by the time of the next meeting.

Temporary Task Forces include:

  • Conference Proceedings
  • Members-Only Website
  • Student Awards Planning
  • Foundation Investigation
  • Bylaws & Handbook Review
  • Outreach Program

Refer to the IGS Operating Units graph to see how how the IGS Council Task Forces fit within the context of the society as a whole. The image also shows the Chairs for each of the current IGS Committees, Task Forces, and Technical Committees.

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For more information about the IGS Task Forces, please contact the IGS Secretariat: IGSsec@GeosyntheticsSociety.com.