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Check Out The Scheduled Sessions For GeoAmericas 2020!


The deadline for early-bird registration with special discounts is due in January 25 th !

Check out some of the sessions that have already been scheduled:

Reinforced Walls under Seismic Conditions
  • Richard J. Bathurst (Canada)
  • K. Hatami (USA)  
Geosynthetics in Pavements
  • J.G. Zornberg (USA)
  • Erol Tutumluer (USA)
Geotextile Filter Clogging
  • N.Moraci (Italia)
  • Barry Christopher (USA)
Soil-Geosynthetic Interaction
  • Alejo Sfriso (Argentina)
  • Laura Carbone (Italy)
Geosynthetics in landfills
  • Vinícius Benjamin (Brazil)
  • Craig Benson (USA) 
Geosynthetic Encased Granular Columns
  • Dimiter Alexiev (Germany)
  • Márcio Almeida(Brazil)
Geosynthetics Standarts
  • Delma Vidal (Brazil)
  • Sam Allen (USA)
Failures and Lessons Learned
  • Guillermo Montretusque (Brazil)
  • Bob Holtz (USA)
Geosynthetics and Climate Change
  • John McCartney (USA)
  • Francesco Fontana (Italy)
Reinforced Embankments on Soft Soils
  • Sandro Sandroni (Brazil) 
Reinforced Walls and Slopes
  • Maurício Ehrlich (Brazil)
Diseño de Pavimentos Reforzados con Geosintéticos
  • A.M. Alza (Peru) 
Geotextile Filters
  • Ennio Palmeira (Brazil)
Measurement of soil-geosynthetic interface strength
  • Rosemberg Ramirez (Mexico)
Geosynthetics Encased Granular Columns
  • Erol Guler (Turkey) 
Leak Detection Systems
  • Timothy Stark (USA) 
Control de Calidad de la instalación de Geomembranas
  • Carlos Centurion (Brazil) 
Embankments on soif soils
  • Bob Holtz (USA)

After Mexico, Peru and the USA, GeoAmericas  arrives in Brazil!

In addition to a rich technical program, numerous social events and tourism options await the nearly 1,000 participants from 30 countries who are expected at the Largest Geosynthetics Conference of the Americas.
Click here   to learn more about sightseeing, gastronomic, cultural and sports options offered by the official agency. Be sure to make your reservation to secure your place in the complex that will host the Congress, which comprises of two hotels and an interconnected events center, in front of the beautiful beach of Barra da Tijuca.