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Case Studies – Use the Chance!

All corporate members are invited to announce a case study at any time. For each issue 3 to 4 case studies are planned to be placed in (up to 1 page with pictures). Usually if there are more announcements we will place them on a list and will use them on a “first come, first serve” basis. For this issue we have no “Profiles” therefore we expand the case studies section. A corporate member may have a second case study published if the list is finished with corporate members not been considered yet. As we know that some of our corporate members are very hard-working on such a type of publication, please be aware that the only possibility to prevent a publication series by one company is to send in your own case study!

With a distribution of more than 3000 samples/downloads of IGS News this is a good promotion of the geosynthetics technique and your company. We would be happy if this chance is used frequently.

Reported by

Gerhard Bräu, IGS News Editor