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Case Studies: Sunich Reinforced Green Slope Project (Iran)

Sunich factory is one of the main production of fruit juices in Iran. At the moment, Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Firouzkooh plant are in progress. Phase 1 involves the construction main factory production line. Phase 2 was landscaping and making storage areas. The pro-ject was constructed in mountainous area and there were different terrace levels for each factory building. The 1000 m section was proposed to be constructed with reinforced slope with green surfaces.

The Challenge
An integrated system consisting of PET Woven Ge-ogrid (40 and 60 KN/m) was qualified for reinforcing (i) the bottom of the slopes for basal reinforcement (ii in the reinforced slopes. Needle-punched nonwoven ge-otextiles weighing 300 g/m² were specified as cush-ions as filter layer in facing. At the surface level (in front of geogrid reinforced slope), a 10 cm Perforated textured Geocell was specified to separate the exist-ing reinforced slope the surface layers of a typical 30 cm thick agricultural soil for plantation. Some water proofing with HDPE Geomembrane is used for waterproofing the foundations.
The Solution
Following the specifications of the design for reinforced slopes, Geosakht Geosynthetics provided needle-punched nonwoven geotextiles weighing 300 g/m² namely Hytex3 and PET Woven Geogrids namely GG40 and 60. Different slopes in height designed and covered with geotextile and Geocell cover. Finally, a green slope is constructed in a very harsh weather condition with using Geosynthetics materials.

Further Information
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