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Case Studies: Nuevo Aeroporto Internation de la Ciu-dad de Mexico (NAICM) – Runway 3

case-Nuevo-Aeroporto1Client: CARGI-PROPEN SA DE CV
Main Contractor: GACM
Subcontractor CETEAU BV / COFRA BV JV

Scope of works
• Production of more than 30 million linear meters of Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) with record quantities delivered per week of 1 to 2 million lin-ear meters.
• Implemented local PVD manufacturing facility where, in addition to the manufacturing in The
Netherlands, the highly specified material was produced whilst meeting all the ISO standards demanded by the Client.
• Installed more than 30 million of PVD´s with more than 10 rigs to depths ranging from 15 to 28 mt.

Early 2017, CeTeau BV is awarded by CARGI-PROPEN SA DE CV the contract for the manufacturing and installation of more than 28 million linear meters of Prefabricated Vertical Drain to be in-stalled under the future RUNWAY 3 for the NAICM. Given the scope and availa-ble timeframe CeTeau teamed up Cofra BV.
The wick drain solution was chosen with the purpose of accelerating the rate of consolidation of the very soft soils pre-sent at the site. At one point during the work execution, more than 10 Rigs were deployed at the site for 8 months, work-ing 24/7. Work was commenced in Feb-ruary 2017 and successfully completed in September 2017. Further to comple-tion of the original contract, procurement and installation of additional PVD´s has been re-quested by the Client and continues as of March 2018. CeTeau is a world class PVD (wick drain) manufacturer with an annual capacity exceeding 150 million meter and Spe-cialty Geo Contractor, it operates locally in Mexico through its Mexican Subsidiary, Mexi-can Wick Drain, SA de CV.

Further Information
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