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Call for proposal: GeoAfrica 2021

GeoAfrica 2021, the 4th African Regional Conference on Geosynthetics is fast approaching following the great successes of the previous GeoAfrica conferences in South Africa, Ghana and Morocco.

GeoAfrica is establishing a gateway for geosynthetics into Africa by providing a forum for engineers, practitioners and academia to explore current and future potential applications for geosynthetics, while offering an active market place for the promotion of geosynthetic products and technology to users throughout the Africa.

The International Geosynthetics Society – IGS calls for proposals in hosting GeoAfrica 2021

The proposal shall include, as a minimum, a letter from the proposing chapter/committee outlining the structure of the event, proposed location and dates with a general outline of the technical programme. The proposal should contain a high-level budget proposal demonstrating the feasibility of the event (including fees for IGS Members and possible sponsorship packages).

The official language of the conference must be English for the written version of the papers. However, presentations may be presented in another language provided that simultaneous translation into English is provided in all technical sessions.

The proposing committee must demonstrate its ability to manage a high-level conference with international attendees and a technical programme covering a variety of geosynthetic topics. Previous experience in similar events is recommended or the inclusion of a professional conference organizer is advised.

GeoAfrica 2021 shall follow the “Guidelines of the International Geosynthetics Society Regarding Regional Conferences on Geosynthetics” available through the IGS Secretariat.

A call for Proposal should be submitted not later than 7th September 2018 and the vote by the IGS Council will take place during the 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics to be held in Seoul, Korea in September 2018. Although not a requirement, presentations to the IGS Council are welcome but they do not necessarily influence the decision of the IGS Council in the award of the next GeoAfrica 2021 Conference.