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Brazilian Young Members Strengthen ACADEMIA-INDUSTRY Partnership

Last month, the Brazilian Chapter of the IGS held the event “Conexão Geossintéticos” (Geosynthetics Connection). This was a first-ever event conceptualized and organized entirely by the young members of the chapter. The aim was to promote an exchange of ideas and experiences between academic and industry professionals, together with young associates.

The event was held in Campinas – Sao Paulo during the Brazilian Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Conference (COBRAMSEG 2022), a conference that saw more than 1800 attendees. More than 70 people attended the special session “Conexão Geossintéticos”.

A fun and informative “Talk-Show” started off the session, which led into a networking opportunity to strengthen the ACADEMIA-INDUSTRY partnership.

Talk-Show during “Conexão Geossintéticos”
Speakers at “Conexão Geossintéticos”
IGS Brazil Young Members (organizing committee) and Speakers

The networking moment demonstrated the real success of the event, where company directors, professors and young associates were able to establish real connections with experienced associates, universities and geosynthetic companies.

Networking at “Conexão Geossintéticos”

For Ana Carolina Gonçalvez, coordinator of IGS Brazil Young Members, “the connection of all these spheres will contribute to the young community in terms of technical-scientific knowledge on geosynthetics application… and IGS Brazil Young Members were ready to promote this meeting!

According to Natalia Correia, IGS Brazil Board member and supervisor of the IGS Brazil Young Members “events like this are extremely important for young associates to feel part of the IGS community. Young Members are the link with the future of IGS. Gathering industry and academia with young associates is a powerful tool to reach IGS objectives.

IGS Brazil Young Members would like to thank the IGS Brazil Board of Directors and the COBRAMSEG 2022 organization for supporting this initiative. Sponsored by IGS Brasil, this initiative was also supported by: Buntech, Cipatex, Geo Soluções, Geomarca, Huesker, Ober, Record Engenharia, TDM, Tech Ground e Bidim Wavin.

This event was organized by Young Members: Ana Carolina Goncalvez, Maria Alejandra Ardila,  Mateus Fleury, Ana Beatriz Dias, Matheus de Souza, Natalia Correia, Débora Louyse Melo, Ivonne Góngora, José Luiz Dias Filho, and Samira Paranhos.

“Conexão Geossintéticos” organizing committee

We look forward to the next event!

IGS Brazil