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Book webinar on the impact of post-welding thickness on geomembrane durability

Join esteemed barrier systems expert Professor Kerry Rowe later this month for a virtual talk on geomembrane fusion seams.

Hosted by the IGS Technical Committee on Barrier Systems (TC-B), Prof. Rowe will speak on ‘The influence of thickness reduction and squeeze-out on Std-OIT loss and stress crack resistance of HDPE geomembrane fusion seams’.

The talk will explore the difference in seam squeeze-out antioxidant loss (in terms of standard oxidative induction time, Std-OIT loss) and thickness reduction for three different 1.5 mm-thick high density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes seamed using a variety of welding parameters and two different wedge welders. The damaging effect that squeeze-out adherence can have on seam stress crack resistance and time to failure will be emphasized.

The webinar runs on August 29 and repeated on August 30. Register as follows:

Contact TC-B secretary Amir Shahkolahi at for more information about the webinars.

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