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The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) presents a variety of awards to both individual, corporate and student members. The awards are presented to a member or a group of members who have made an outstanding contribution towards the development and use of geosynthetics through their scientific and technological work or for service to the IGS.

All members of IGS except the President of the IGS and the members of the Awards Committee are eligible for IGS awards. All nominated award candidates must be members of the IGS.



  • Honorary Membership – Honorary Membership may be bestowed by Council upon a limited number of persons on the basis of distinguished position, scientific achievement, outstanding service to the Society, or major contributions to the promotion of geosynthetics and their applications.
  • The Giroud Lecture – The Giroud Lecturer is chosen by the IGS Council and the lecture is presented at the International Conference on Geosynthetics.
  • The Mercer Lecture – The Mercer lecturer is selected by a committee convened by the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) and the IGS. The lecture, sponsored by Tensar International, should focus in geosynthetic technologies but presented in geotechnical engineering venues held in three different continents.
  • The IGS Award – This is the most prestigious of all the IGS Awards and recognizes advances in the scientific and engineering development of geosynthetics products and associated technologies. This award is given out every four years in concert with the IGS General Assembly and the International Conference on Geosynthetics (ICG). The IGS Award will be presented to individuals or groups of individuals who made an outstanding contribution to the development and use of geosynthetics, related products or associated technologies, through their scientific and technological work. For example an award can be given for design and construction of a structure; publication of a technical document (paper, book, article, manual); completion of a research program; development of new products and techniques.
  • The Young IGS Member Award – This award is identical to the IGS Award but given specifically to members under the age of 36 years.
  • IGS Service Award – This award is given out to IGS members in recognition of their commitment and dedication to the society and the greater good of the geosynthetics discipline.
  • IGS Young Member Service Award – This award is given to IGS members who are under 36 years old on the last year of the four-year period considered for the award. This award is given in recognition of their commitment and dedication to the society and the greater good of the geosynthetics discipline.
  • IGS Plaque – Presented in recognition of a specific goal or service achieved by the recipient.
  • IGS Chapter Achievement/Service Award – This award may be given out by IGS Chapters every four years. It is given at the IGS Regional conferences to recognize exceptional service or achievement at the chapter level.
  • IGS Student Awards – Each chapter of the IGS has the opportunity to run a contest among their student members to receive this award. The award consists of a $1000 stipend to assist with travel to their regional conference and the opportunity to present their winning paper at the conference. Each student receives a certificate.
  • Special Awards – The IGS Council may, from time to time, present a Special Award when circumstances dictate an award to be presented that does not meet the criteria of regular awards categories.
  • 20 Year Corporate Award – To recognize the contribution by corporate members who have been members continuously for 20 years.
  • 30 Year Corporate Award – To recognize those corporate members who have been continuous members for 30 years.


About the IGS Awards

All award winners are presented with a certificate to commemorate their award. In addition, the IGS Award winners receive a specially commissioned medal. Awards are generally presented at, or in connection with, the IGS General Assembly or at a Regional IGS Conference. On a case by case basis, the IGS Council may decide to organize an award ceremony at another time.

For more information on the IGS Awards program contact the IGS Secretariat:



2012 Prof. Mauricio Ehrlich
2012 Mr. Hugues Girard
2012 Prof. K. Rajagopal
2012 Prof. Li Guangxin
2012 Prof. Mauricio Ehrlich
2008 Prof. Delma M. Vidal
2008 Dr. Eun-Chul Shin
2008 Prof. Andrea Cancelli
2008 Mr. G.R.A. Watts
2008 Mr. Mauricio Ossa
2008 Mr. Rafael Rocha Vargas
2008 Prof.Toshinobu Akagi, PE.Dr.Eng.
2008 Mr. Jacques Perfetti
2008 Mr. Bao Cheng-Gang
2006 Mr. Paulo Roberto Aguiar
2006 Prof. Dennes T. Bergado
2006 Dr. Sam-Deok Cho
2006 Mr. Komei Iwasaki
2006 Mr. Kelvin R. Legge
2006 Ing. Leonardo Sarti
2006 Mr. L. David Suits
2006 Dr.-Ing.Hartmut Franz Schroeder
2006 Dr. G. Venkatappa Rao


2018 Dr. Nathalie Touze
2014 Dr. Richard Bathurst
2010 Prof. Heinz Brandl
2006 Mr. Chris R. Lawson
2002 Dr. R. Kerry Rowe
1996 Dr. Robert M. Koerner


2018 Dr. Ian Peggs
2014 Dr.Ing. Daniele A. Cazzuffi
2014 Prof. Fumio Tatsuoka
2012 Dr. Ennio Marques Palmeira
2010 Mr. Peter E. Stevenson
2006 Dr. R. Kerry Rowe
2006 Dr. Robert Koerner
2004 Mr. Gert den Hoedt
2002 Dr. Jean-Pierre Giroud
1989 Prof. Masami Fukuoka


2018 Sanjay Kumar Shukla
2018 Amy Rentz, Lauren Ashe, Richard Brachman, Kerry Rowe, and Andy Take
2018 Dr. Yewei Zheng, Dr. Patrick J. Fox, and Dr. John S. McCartney
2018 Malek Bouazza
2018 Tencate
2014 Dr. John H. Greenwood
2014 Dr.-Ing.Hartmut Franz Schroeder
2014 Ir. Wim Voskamp
2014 Dr. Jie Han, PhD., P.E.
2014 S.J.M. van Eekelen MSc
2014 Ir. A. Bezuijen
2014 Dr. Melissa Chappel
2014 Dr. R. Kerry Rowe
2014 Dr. Richard W.I. Brachman
2014 Dr. William Andrew Take
2014 Prof. Hoe Ling
2010 A. Nernheim
2010 Dr. Richard J. Bathurst
2010 Mr. Tony M. Allen
2010 Prof. Chungsik Yoo
2010 Dr. Yoshihisa Miyata
2008 NAUE GmbH & Co. KG
2008 Prof. Nicola Moraci
2008 Dr. Benedito de Souza Bueno
2008 Dr. Patrick J. Fox, P.E.
2006 Dr. Ahmet Aydilek
2006 Dr. Abdelmalek Bouazza
2004 Dr. R. Kerry Rowe
2004 Mr. Allen Lunzhu Li
2004 Dr. Ennio Marques Palmeira
2004 Dr. Jorge G. Zornberg, P.E.
2004 Dr. Masahiro Shinoda
2004 Dr. Maria Das Graças Gardoni Almeida
2004 Dr. Jean-Pierre Giroud
2002 Dr. Imad L. Al-Qadi
2002 Mr. Tony M. Allen
2002 Dr. Barry R. Christopher. P.E.
2002 Mr. J. A. DeMaggio, P.E.
2002 Mr. V. Elias, P.E.
2002 Dr. Scott Thornton
2000 Dr. K. Warlouzel
2000 Dr.Ing. Daniele A. Cazzuffi
2000 Ing. Pietro Rimoldi
2000 Dr. Alberto Scuero
2000 Ing. Piero Sembenelli
2000 Prof. Jean-Pierre Gourc
1998 Dr. Jonathan R. Fannin
1998 Dr. Hiroshi Miki
1998 Dr. Richard J. Bathurst
1998 Professor T.S. Ingold
1998 Mr. Chris G. Jenner
1998 Mr. Chris R. Lawson
1998 Mr. Bernard Myles MICE SVR DECEASED
1998 Mr. Ragui F. Wilson-Fahmy
1998 Dr. Dhani B. Narejo
1998 Dr. Zhenqi Cai
1998 Dr. Robert M. Koerner
1996 Dr. Ennio Marques Palmeira
1996 Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Blume
1996 Dr. R. Kerry Rowe
1994 Dr. Masaru Tateyama
1994 Dr. Richard J. Bathurst
1994 Dr. Richard A. Jewell
1994 Dr. Robert M. Koerner
1994 Dr. Jean-Pierre Giroud
1994 Dr. Rudolph Bonaparte, P.E.
1994 Prof. Fumio Tatsuoka
1994 Mr. Osamu Murata
1994 Dr. Hisashi Tarumi
1990 Mr. Joseph E. Fluet


2013 Dr. Abdelmalek Bouazza
2010 Mrs. Rosemary T. Stevenson
2006 Dr. Richard J. Bathurst
2006 Ir. Wim Voskamp
2002 Prof. Liu Zong-Yao
2002 Prof. Wang Zheng Hong
2002 Mr. Wang Yu-Ren
1994 Professor T.S. Ingold


2018 Dr. Jorge G. Zornberg
2014 Dr. Jean-Pierre Giroud
2014 Dr. Richard J. Bathurst
2014 Dr. R. Kerry Rowe
2014 Ing. Pierpaolo Fantini
2008 Mr. Bernard Myles MICE SVR DECEASED
2008 Ms. Karina McInnis
2007 Dr. E.R.Floss
2004 Mr. James Paul DECEASED
2002 Mr. Jean Renard
2001 Prof.Toshinobu Akagi, PE.Dr.Eng.
2001 Mr. Chris R. Lawson
2001 Dr. David J. Elton, P.E.


2014 Mr. Edoardo Zannoni
IGS Young Member Session Award
2014 T. van der Peet MSC


2001 Dr. Richard J. Bathurst
1998 Prof. Alan McGown
1996 Prof. Fumio Tatsuoka
1994 Prof. Jean-Pierre Gourc
1992 Dr. Robert M. Koerner


1994 Dr. Ian D. Peggs
1990 Dr. R. Kerry Rowe
1990 Dr. Brian L.J. Mylleville
1990 Dr. Rudolph Bonaparte, P.E.


2012 Anne Ravaska
2012 Ms. Carlotta Pons
2012 Mrs. Shabnam Meshkinghalam
2012 Laura Carbone
2012 Herman-Jaap Lodder
2012 David Miranda Carlos
2012 Ms. Alla Kusnetsova
2012 Ms. Irene Nyirenda
2012 Dr. Maria Crespo Mucientes
2012 Mr. Hakki Ozhan
2012 Ms. Katarzyna Anna Zamara
2012 Mr. Yang Liu
2012 Mr. Erick Yusuf Kencana
2012 Mr. Jinsuk Hur
2012 Dae-Seong Cho
2012 Ms. Salisa Chaiyaput
2012 Agustin Ecke
2012 Eng. Marianna Jacominy A. Mendes
2012 Jesús Alberto Gomez-Rivera
2012 Azadeh Hoor
2012 Mr. Jose Sousa
2008 Mr. Hiroyuki Aizawa
2008 Mr. KiKwon Hong
2008 Mr. Shilei Zhang
2008 Ms. Mahuya Ghosh
2008 Mr. Jaturonk Saowapakpiboon
2008 Dott. Ing. Giuseppe Cardile
2008 Miss Anna Sia
2008 Dr. Melissa Chappel
2008 Mr. Helber de Lima Viana
2008 Mr. Tit Liviu Talos
2008 Mr. Claas Heitz
2008 Ms. Priscilla Ching
2008 Mr. Armel Ganne
2008 Mr. Carlos Antonio Centurion Panta
2008 Mr. Olivier Boutron
2006 Dr. Florian Bussert
2006 Mr. Agatino Simone Lo Grasso
2006 Mr. Tawatchai Tanchaisawat
2006 Ms. Karina Lange
2006 Mr. Sun-Bin Kim
2006 Mr. Andrei Mihai Baicu
2006 Mr. Bastien LeHello
2006 Mr. Zhuang, Yanfeng
2006 Dr. Susumu Nakajima


2018 Fernando Henrique Martins Portelinha
2018 Ben Leshchinsky
2014 Prof. Kuo-Hsin Yang, Ph.D
2014 Mr. Zhuang, Yanfeng
2010 Dr. Saman Zarnani
2008 Mr. Warat Kongkitkul
2008 Prof. John S. McCartney
2008 Dr. Daiki Hirakawa
2006 Mr. Francois Cartaud
2006 Dr. Nathalie Touze-Foltz, Ph.D.
2006 Dr. Young In Oh
2004 Dr. Jan Kupec
2000 Mr. Taro Uchimura
1998 Scott Merry
1996 Dr. Jorge G. Zornberg, P.E.
1994 Mr. James (Jay)McKelvey, III
1990 Dr. Richard A. Jewell