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25th National Conference on Geosynthetics Dedicated to Sustainable Applications for the Defense and Protection of the Environment

FaviconThe 25TH NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GEOSYNTHETICS DEDICATED TO SUSTAINABLE APPLICATIONS FOR THE DEFENCE AND PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT has been organized by the Italian section of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS-AGI), in conjunction with BolognaFiere-SAIE 2012, to take place in Bologna, Italy, 18 October 2012.

The morning session will be co-ordinated by Prof. Aversa and will be opened by Dr. Russell Jones, who will present the latest developments in terms of sustainability over the use of geosynthetics. The afternoon session will be co-ordinated by Ing. Daniele Cazzuffi and will feature the reports by invitation of Dr. Retzlaff on possible approaches to the evaluation of durability of geosynthetics and Prof. Cossu on the role played by geosynthetics in modern landfills of waste.

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