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Best Geosynthetics International Paper for 2017

Geosynthetics International is an official journal of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) and serves the mandate of the society to disseminate important technical developments to its members. We are delighted

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Geotechnical Construction of Civil Engineering & Transport Structures Of The Asian-Pacific Region 2018 (GCCETS 2018) Symposium Report

The international geotechnical Symposium GCCETS 2018 ” Geotechnical Construction of Civil Engineering & Transport Structures Of The Asian-Pacific Region 2018” was held  in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia on 04-07 July, 2018. Symposium

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Geosynthetics for Sustainable Development – Chinese Translation

The IGS is pleased to offer the Geosynthetics for Sustainable Development video in Chinese. Translating the Sustainability Video into every IGS Chapter’s official language has been an initiative of the

Case Studies

Case Studies: Securing Cavities Area by a very high Tensile Strength Geosynthetic Reinforcement

Problematic The sinkholes present a major problem in roads construction and urban development. The classical solutions used to limit the risk of cavities collapse are: filling of the void, construction

Case Studies

Case Studies: Roadway Reinforcement Applications

Application Subgrade Stabilization and Rein-forcement Job owner Iberdrola Renewables, LLC Location Hertford, NC Engineer Barr Engineering Product Mirafi® RSi-Series Contractor Wanzek Construction Quantity 205,000 yd2 – RS380i 120,000 yd2 –

Case Studies

Case Studies: Hybrid Sheet Piling – Fiberglass Rein-forced PVC Profiles

This case study shows how we introduced to the market new hybrid material to manufacture sheet piling that would bridge the gap between vinyl polychloride and steel. We present here

Case Studies

Case Studies: Kaytech Stabilises XtraSpace Storage Facility

In May 2017 Endecon Ubuntu Consulting Engineers contacted Kaytech for a solution on a differential settlement problem at a site in Centurion, Gauteng where a new branch of XtraSpace, a

Case Studies

Case Studies: Sunich Reinforced Green Slope Project (Iran)

Objective Sunich factory is one of the main production of fruit juices in Iran. At the moment, Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Firouzkooh plant are in progress. Phase

Case Studies

Case Studies: Nuevo Aeroporto Internation de la Ciu-dad de Mexico (NAICM) – Runway 3

Client: CARGI-PROPEN SA DE CV Engineer: PARSONS & TASANA Main Contractor: GACM Subcontractor CETEAU BV / COFRA BV JV Scope of works • Production of more than 30 million linear

Case Studies

Case Studies: Detention Pond under the Freeway Over-pass, Taichung, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Background Numerous typhoons swept across Taiwan during 2012 and 2013 bringing along abundant rainfall, leading mud flow and flooding to rolling and pouring down along the west side of Dadu