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IGS Educate the Educators Program

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Graduating engineering students often have had little or no exposure to the appropriate use of geosynthetics in engineering practices. The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) Educate the Educators (ETE) program shows professors how the core principles of geosynthetics can be incorporated into their existing curricula.

The main goal of this program is to make sure that every student graduating from an undergraduate engineering program receives some basic exposure to geosynthetics. One way to carry out this action is to supply educators with the necessary knowledge and tools to help them integrate geosynthetic topics into their engineering curricula. ETE workshops provide attending professors with a host of resources to support this mission.

ete-main-imgETE programs are hosted through a partnership between an IGS Chapter and the IGS itself. In each program the IGS Education Committee helps organize the educational portion, including the sponsorship of the speakers, while the host Chapter is responsible for event management, attendee selection, fund raising, and logistics.

ETE events are open for registration to invited professors and academic staff. The expected attendance at each event is about 40 participants, with applications vetted and seats awarded based on an applicant’s credentials and ability to influence curricula at their institution. The IGS and the sponsoring IGS Chapter provide all funding resources and logistic support for these events. ETE attendees are responsible for the cost of their travel to and from the host city. Accommodation, meals, and educational materials are provided free of charge by the event.

The IGS encourages all chapters to consider leading an ETE workshop in their country. Incorporation of geosynthetics in undergraduate education will positively influence the growth of these technologies and the expansion of the appropriate use of geosynthetics. Any geosynthetics group, IGS Chapter, and Professors, with the support of an IGS Chapter, are invited to submit a request for an ETE Workshop.

The benefits of hosting an EtE Workshop include:

  • No cost to participating faculty for the duration of the workshop (though transportation to and from the workshop is the responsibility of the attendee)
  • Educational materials are ready for immediate incorporation into existing curricula
  • Focus on undergraduate education with the ability to expand to graduate courses
  • Emphasizes the one, mandatory geosynthetics class that faculty should teach
  • Generates interest in advanced level EtE events
  • Significant impact on IGS Chapter activity and membership


Educate the Educators (ETE) Program Contacts

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IGS Secretariat
TEL: +1 561 768 9489

IGS Education Committee Chair
Prof. Takeshi Katsumi
Kyoto University
Tel: +81 75 753 9205
Fax: +81 75 753 5116

IGS ETE Program
Jorge G. Zornberg, PhD., P.E.
The University of Texas at Austin
Tel: +1 512 232 3595
Fax: +1 512 471 6548


Overview of the ETE Program History of the IGS ETE Initiative
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Educate the Educators (ETE) sessions are hosted by an International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) Chapter and held under the auspices of the IGS, with additional support from the IGS, IGS Corporate Members, and, when applicable, other professional groups.

Educate the Educators on Geosynthetics, India Educate the Educators on Geosynthetics, North America Educate the Educators on Geosynthetics, Indonesia Educate the Educators on Geosynthetics, Philippines Educate the Educators on Geosynthetics, Brazil Educate the Educators on Geosynthetics, China Educate the Educators on Geosynthetics, United States Educate the Educators on Geosynthetics, Portugal Educate the Educators on Geosynthetics, Poland Educando Educadores


The Future of the ETE Program

ete-ProposeThe IGS Education Committee continues to plan and promote undergraduate geosynthetic education worldwide, through Educate the Educators events.

Professors and IGS Chapters are invited to propose an ETE workshop. Hosting an Educate the Educators program is a great way for IGS Chapters to get involved in their engineering communities. These events provide direct strategies for professors to teach the next generation of engineers about geosynthetics. Visit the Request a Workshop tab for details on how to plan and host an ETE event. For upcoming ETE events, visit the Calendar section of the website.

For questions or comments on the ETE Program, contact the IGS Secretariat:

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ete-apply-imgAll IGS Chapters are eligible to submit a proposal for an Educate the Educators on Geosynthetics Workshop. Professors, with the support of an IGS Chapter, are also invited to submit a request for an ETE Workshop. The size of each ETE event is capped to around 40 attendees.

All proposals need to include a summary of the proposed workshop, including:

  • Organizer (IGS chapter)
  • Location (country, state/province, city)
  • Proposed dates for the event
  • Venue (conference center, hotel, etc.)
  • List of proposed sponsors (See “IGS and IGS Chapter Responsibilities” below)
  • Approximate number of expected attendees
IGS and IGS Chapter Responsibilities


Submit a Request for an ETE Event

To submit an ETE proposal to the IGS please fill out the WORKSHOP REQUEST FORM. Email the completed form to the IGS Secretariat:

Download Form (PDF)