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WEBINAR – Technical Committee – Barriers: Geomembrane Behavior In Mining

About the webinar:

This webinar will cover the long-term performance of different HDPE, LLDPE, and Blended geomembranes in extreme high and low pH mining solutions. The data presented includes up to 6 years immersion in the laboratory to provide estimates of the geomembrane performance at field temperatures.

NOTE: The webinar will be repeated for different time zones. If you cannot attend the main webinar due to the time difference, please register for the webinar and select the encore session and you will be contacted by TC-B for the details.

About the speaker:

Fady B. Abdelaal, is an assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. Abdelaal obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and his Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering at Ain Shams University in Egypt. He Obtained his Doctoral degree from Queen’s University in 2013. His expertise in Geoenvironmental Engineering involves testing and characterization of polymeric and bituminous geosynthetic barrier systems for waste containment facilities to examine their long-term degradation behaviour. His research program involves the use of geosynthetics in municipal solid waste landfills, low level radioactive waste containment facilities, potable water reservoirs and mining applications. He is also leading a recent research project to monitor the long-term performance of geosynthetic liners in frozen grounds. Abdelaal has received five paper awards and recognitions for the papers published in the highest impact journals relevant to the work. He is currently the Chair of the Geosynthetic division of the Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS) and serves as an editorial board member of the Geotextiles and Geomembranes and Environmental Geotechnics Journals.



May 26, 2021


New York
9:00 am



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