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Repeat Webinar: Service Life of Geomembranes in Hydraulic Applications by Eric Blond

This is a repeat webinar, being rebroadcast to accommodate different time zones.

With the global increase of population, management of water is becoming a critical concern in many regions of the world, as it affects all aspects of human life: drinking water, irrigation, as well as hydroelectricity and industrial demand. Hydraulic structures have historically been built to control water, using clay, concrete or rollercompacted bituminous materials as sealing materials. Some are still standing after centuries or even millenniums. However, the number of failures recently observed on such structures suggests that the performance and durability of the materials that were used has been overestimated. On the other hand, attempts to use geomembranes as sealing layers in dams, canals and reservoirs have been made since their invention in the middle of the XXth century. After about 70 years, it is possible to observe the performance of various types of geosynthetics used in such structures. It is also possible to predict with reasonably good reliability their anticipated service life using both field and laboratory observations. It is shown that the service life of most geomembranes can easily exceed the typical design life of hydraulic structures, in exposed or covered applications.

About the speaker:

Eric Blond is an independent consultant providing technical services to the geosynthetics and building materials industries. He is actively involved in several technical committees and associations. He is Chairman of the ASTM D35.10 Subcommittee on Geomembranes, Chairman of the Canadian Mirror Committee of ISO TC221, IGS Council Member, Chairman of the IGS Technical Committee on Hydraulic, and Secretary of the IGS North American Chapter, among others. Eric Blond is the author of over 100 technical papers, conferences and courses. He is a lecturer at École Polytechnique de Montréal where he introduces geosynthetics to undergraduate students, and the design of geosynthetic lining systems to graduate students. He also offers customized training to engineering companies. He is registered as a professional engineer in Quebec and Alberta.

Time Zone 2: 5 June 2023, 8:00 EDT / 5 June 2023, 12:00 UTC / 5 June 2023, 7:00 CDT / 5 June 2023, 22:00 AEST / 5 June 2023, 14:00 CEST


Jun 05, 2023