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REPEAT SESSION – TC-Barriers Webinar: Strain Hardening Testing of HDPE Geomembranes by Helmut Zanzinger

About the webinar:

Stress cracking resistance is a major topic for HDPE geomembranes. For three decades the single point NCTL test is the method of choice to distinguish between stress cracking resistant products and products sensitive to stress cracking. The failure times increased over the years as the products showed also better performance due to new formulations. Nowadays the testing times increased to several weeks or even months and on the other side the wetting agent is forbidden to be used – at least in Europe, because IGEPAL CO-630 has been identified as Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC). A new method EN 17096 was developed by CEN TC189 to determine the resistance against slow crack growth by a tensile test performed at 80°C.  The slope of such a tensile curve above its natural draw ratio (e.g. strain hardening modulus) correlates with the measured failure times determined by SP-NCTL tests.  Very good correlation between strain hardening modulus and failure times in single-point NCTL tests were found. This webinar goes through the background of EN 17096 and discuss the test method and the details.

About the speaker:

Helmut Zanzinger is a geotechnical engineer. He has been active in the field of geoenvironmental and geosynthetics testing for more than 30 years. His activities over the years include development of new testing devices and new test methods, third party quality assurance on landfill lining systems and manufacturing auditing for CE certification worldwide. He currently serves the position as the Head of the Inspection Body of SKZ an independent third party geosynthetics testing and research company in Germany. Since 2020 Mr. Zanzinger is a Council member of the International Geosynthetics Society. He serves as expert at several German and International committees like DGGT, BAM, DIBt, FGSV and the Group of European Notified Bodies for CE marking of geosynthetics. Much of his career he has dedicated to the standardization of geosynthetic measurements serving as active member of DIN, CEN and ISO committees on geosynthetics. He has received several awards including the Beuth Memorial Coin by DIN.



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Aug 23, 2022


2:00 am