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LARAM School 2020 Online

This year the LARAM School ( will take the occasion to teach and be together with the students. We will simply do in a different way.
We reshaped the traditional schedule of the School, with the lectures and the other activities comprised in the time window from 13:00 to 19:30 in Italian Summer time (=UTC+2).
Compared to traditional LARAM School Editions, it will be unchanged:

the international application call
the selection among applicants
final certificate of attendance to the students
mandatory, interactive participation of the students (to receive the end of the School certificate)


40 selected PhD students
10 registered Young Doctors (PhD dedended not before 2015)

DEADLINE:Monday 29 June

Applicationof PhD students

Registrationof Young Doctors (PhD dedended not before 2015)

PhD students: 250 eur
Young Doctors: 400 eur

The selection of the participants will be based on an evaluation of the candidate’s curriculum – including academic performance, previous research experience and publications – and on the content of the recommendation letter(s) in relation to the PhD year, field of expertise and research topic. The list of the selected students will be issued by mid July 2020.
Theprogrammeof the School will consist of 5-hour daily lectures and end-of-day test. The programme is structured in the following sessions:

S1, Introduction to landslides
S2, Landslide risk theory
S3, Landslide modelling
S4, International experiences
S5, Landslide risk analysis and zoning
S6, Landslide monitoring and mitigation
S7, Landslide risk management and risk governance


Sep 06 - 18, 2020


7:00 pm - 7:00 pm