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IGS Iran Webinar: Shallow Foundations with Geosynthetics by Prof. Sanjay Kumar Shukla


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Shallow Foundations with Geosynthetics

The construction of shallow footings supported on geosynthetic reinforced foundation
soils has considerable potential as a cost effective alternative to conventional deep
foundations. In this technique, one or more layers of geosynthetic reinforcement
(geotextile, geogrid, geocell or geocomposite) are placed inside a controlled granular fill
beneath the footings in order to create a composite material with improved
performance characteristics. Geosynthetic-reinforced foundation soils are also being
used to support paved and unpaved roads, low embankments, railway tracks, oil drilling
platforms, platforms for heavy industrial equipment, parking areas, closure covers for
tailing dams, etc. Such reinforced foundation soils provide improved load-bearing
capacity and reduced settlements by distributing the imposed loads over a wider area of
weak subsoil. In the conventional construction techniques without the use of any
reinforcement, a thick granular layer is needed, which may be costly or may not be
possible, especially for sites that have a limited availability of good-quality granular
materials. Moreover, the simplicity of the basic principles and the economic benefits
over the conventional approaches make geosynthetic-reinforced foundation soil very
attractive to designers. Also, the use of geosynthetics provides many other indirect
benefits. This talk will cover several aspects of geosynthetic-reinforced foundation soils
subjected to loads from shallow footings of structures.



Nov 07, 2022


1:30 pm