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ACigs Webinar: Pit Thermal Energy Storage – A Sustainable Energy Resources with Geosynthetic Solution


Catrin Tarnowski and Thomas Labda will discuss Pit Thermal Energy Storage – A Sustainable Energy Resources with Geosynthetic Solution in this webinar.

The development of pit thermal energy storage (PTES) began 30 years ago in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. The initial objective was to utilize heat-storage systems to increase the solar share of solar-thermal district heating to over 50%, thus reducing the costs of energy supply. Today, the objective is to establish a large and efficient seasonal or multifunctional energy storage system as economically as possible. These are then used to supply the entire residential areas or districts with green energy from a sustainable and renewable heat sources.

The PTES is a closed system containing water heated up to a high temperature – up to 95oC. It must be properly sealed with high-temperature resistant geomembranes and a geomembrane floating cover system. The importance of the sealing component does not only lie within the geomembrane, to achieve a high level operational efficiency of the PTES, other components include thermal insulation, gas venting and drainage system are equally important to control heat loss and water ingress, etc.

This webinar will focus on the geosynthetic solution and their contribution in PTES system. It details the design principles for the PTES, the essential requirements for the construction of the storage pits and the challenges during construction. Case studies demonstrating the successful application of innovative geosynthetic materials in achieving economic realization of PTES will also be presented.



Jul 06, 2021


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm



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