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4th International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics (4th ICTG)

The 4th ICTG 2020 is organized as a specialty conference of ISSMGE TC 202 on Transportation Geotechnics with the member society support and sponsorship of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Geo-Institute, Transportation Research Board (TRB), International Geosynthetics Society (IGS), and through efforts of the local organizing committee at UIUC. The 4th ICTG 2020 will be held at the Sheraton Grand Chicago Hotel, 301 E North Water Street, in Chicago, Illinois on August 30-September 2, 2020.
The main objective of the 4th ICTG conference in 2020 will be to apply broad engineering to bridge the gap between Pavement/Railway Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering and to promote co-operation and exchange of information and knowledge about the geotechnical aspects for addressing challenges in design, construction, maintenance, monitoring and upgrading of roads, railways, airfields and harbor facilities and other ground transportation infrastructure with the goal of providing safe, economic, environmental, reliable and sustainable infrastructures.
The 4th ICTG 2020 Conference Themes

Mechanistic-empirical design (road, railways, airfields and harbor facilities)
Optimized geomaterial (including hydraulically bound materials and asphalt mixtures) use, reuse and recycling in road embankments and structural layers
Sustainability in transportation geotechnics
Rail track substructures, including transition zones, and transportation geodynamics
Stabilization and reinforcement of geomaterials and its implications in pavement and rail track design
Geosynthetics in transportation applications
Subsurface sensing for transportation infrastructure
Smart and connected transportation infrastructure, including Macro and Nanotechnology applied to transportation geotechnics
Intelligent construction in earthworks technology and management
Climatic effects on geomaterial behavior related to mechanics of unsaturated transportation foundations
Slope stability, stabilization, and asset management
Effect of climate change
Harbor geotechnics
Case histories


May 22 - 26, 2021


7:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Sheraton Grand Chicago Hotel, 301 E North Water Street, in Chicago, Illinois