Educando Educadores, Argentina

At its strategy meeting in Guarujá, Brazil in 2010, the IGS Council resolved to increase the teaching of geosynthetics at the undergraduate level worldwide. This resulted in a renewed Educate the Educators program, which was piloted in its current form in Argentina in 2013.

The focus of the program was on undergraduate education with the wider objective that every student graduating from a civil engineering program in Argentina should receive a basic exposure to geosynthetics. The program benefited from the involvement of the Argentinean Council on Civil Engineering Curriculum (CODIC), an agency that has encouraged development of this educational program.

Key facts:

  • Took place in Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, Argentina
  • Delivered in Spanish
  • Instructors: Prof. Palmeira, Mr. Pimentel, Prof. Zornberg
  • Involved over 40 professors from 18 universities
  • Event sponsorship: Coripa SA, Huesker, GSE, Maccaferri, and Mexichem Bidim
  • Average age of participants: 47 years
  • Average teaching expertise: 15 years
  • Supported by the Council for Higher Education