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Educate the Educators on Geosynthetics, Brazil

The second ETE to take place in South America was held in the southeastern region of Brazil in 2016, for University teachers and  Geotechnical Engineers from across the country.  At the time, a large majority of Brazilian universities offered little or no teaching on geosynthetics, either in compulsory or elective modules. The course provided information on  types of materials, functions and typical applications and was organised by the directors of IGS Brasil, Prof. PhD. Maria das Graças Gardoni and André EstevãoBrazilian, with the support of the IGS.

Key facts:

  • location: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
  • more than 40 participants over three days
  • content included applications in: dam works, landfill construction, slopes and retaining walls, transport infrastructure, water bodies management, recovery of degraded and contaminated areas
  • lecturers: Maria das Graças Gardoni (UFMG), Delma Vidal (ITA), Ennio Palmeira (UnB), Jorge Zornberg (UT-Texas) and Maria de Lourdes Coelho, pedagogue (UFMG)
  • sponsors:  Braskem, Engepol, Geo Soluções, HUESKER,  Inovageo, Maccaferri, TDM