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Educate the Educators on Geosynthetics, Australia

The first ETE  course in Australia provided participants with a combination of introductory and advanced materials for use in undergraduate civil engineering courses. In addition the lectures and workshops, participants received a welding demonstration from highly experienced geomembrane welders, showcasing different welding techniques and how to assess them, together with tours of a geosynthetics testing laboratory and a manufacturing facility producing  non-woven geotextiles, geosynthetic clay liners and a geosynthetic coastal solutions.

Key facts:

  • location:  Gold Coast
  • 13 academics from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea
  • content: geosynthetics types and functions; soil reinforcement, highway applications; hydraulics; geosynthetic testing; slopes and walls; roadbase stabilization; waste and water containment, and  six case studies from industry speakers
  • lecturers: Prof. Jorge Zornberg (University of Texas, Austin); Prof. Timothy D. Stark (University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign); Prof. Chungsik Yoo (IGS President)