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Thank you for agreeing to contribute to our tracking study of the IGS Educate the Educators (ETE) Program. Please answer a few short questions. Your answers will help us to ensure we are delivering the best possible program to meet the needs of educators. All responses are treated in confidence

ETE Feedback Form
3. Have you included the ETE materials in your university undergraduate teaching?
4. If 'Yes', what form does this take? (Select all that apply)
5. Please estimate the number of students who have attended these sessions in the past year:
6. How helpful was the ETE program in creating classes at your university?
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You can also discover more by watching the IGS University Lecture Series:

An Introduction to Geosynthetics
In this 15-minute video, IGS President Prof. Chungsik Yoo addresses the fundamentals of geosynthetics in infrastructure and the sustainability advantages of using geosynthetics.

Geosynthetic Functions
In this 55-minute lecture, geotechnical engineering professor Dr. Erol Guler (Bogazici University, George Mason University) describes the essential functions of geosynthetics and how they translate to better performing infrastructure. Key functions of these engineered materials include reinforcement, stabilization, erosion control, barrier/containment, protection, and more.

Geosynthetic Properties and Testing
In this 45-minute video, Dr. George Koerner, P.E. (Director, Geosynthetic Institute) identifies geosynthetic properties and how various materials are prepared for testing. Examples of testing used to support proper geosynthetic specification and project qualification are provided.

Geosynthetic Products and Their Manufacturing Methods
In this 54-minute lecture, Kent von Maubeuge describes the various types of geosynthetic products and the manufacturing methods used in order to engineer these materials. The video explores geosynthetic functions, how raw materials are selected and utilized in the production process, specialty products, common graphical symbols used in the field, and the benefits offered to infrastructure through the proper specification of geosynthetics.