Kaytech is a South African company that manufactures and supplies geosynthetic products to the civil engineering industry. As an African pioneer in geotextiles, we have established a reputation as a reliable supplier to the mining, civil engineering and building sectors.

We are founding members of Gigsa (The Geosynthetic Interest Group of South Africa – the local Chapter of the International Geosynthetic Society. Kaytech has provided Africa and other export regions with geosynthetic solutions for over 45 years.

Our factory in Atlantis is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited facility and our renowned bidim brand is manufactured from 100% recycled polyester.

Applications where our products are used include: waste and water containment (e.g. landfills, dam lining), drainage and filtration (e.g. subsoil drains, waste and stormwater attenuation soak aways), erosion control (e.g. steep slopes), hydraulic construction (e.g. marine groynes, sludge dewatering), reinforcement (e.g. retaining walls, basal reinforcement), roads and railways (e.g. surface repair, sub-grade stabilization), separation and liner protections (e.g. embankments, in landfills, dam lining).


AQUATAN (PTY) LTD, is a specialist geosynthetics material supply and installation contractor. For more than 50 years Aquatan has and continues to provide its clients with durable guaranteed products for containment – ranging from hazardous solid waste to drinking water.

Our customer base includes the mining, municipal, industrial, waste, agricultural, aqua-culture, building, public services sectors and more of the market, we can confidently provide our clients with reliable and economical solutions to most geosynthetic requirements by drawing on this vast history of practical experience.

More than five decades, over 5 500 hectares of installation experience and a track record of exceeding onerous long term warrantees results in AQUATAN regularly being consulted with respect to engineered details of the variety of available geosynthetics and its applications.

Aquatan is dedicated to providing the best quality installations and service in the industry. We achieve this through our ISO 9001 accredited quality program.