ATUS GROUP is the largest HDPE packaging recycler manufacturing specialised construction materials in Poland.

Our business was established in 2003, and we have been continuously growing since then, improving our processes, introducing innovative solutions and earning the trust of new customers. We adapt our production methods to the needs of consumers, customers and the environment. We are focused on bringing about an actual change, with technologies that help shape public awareness, and reduce waste and pollution. By purchasing our products, you become part of a movement that relies on specific solutions. A movement that understands that the environment needs more than lofty words – it also requires practical action. We will not remove plastic from the environment overnight. However, instead of generating more waste, we can make useful products that bring new value to society.


The Pietrucha Group is an efficiently managed, competitive and innovative group of companies which specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of top-class geosynthetic products as well as providing a comprehensive range of geotechnical services broadly used in civil engineering.