Geosintéticos e Instalaciones SAC, with the trade name GEINSA, was created in 2004 to develop engineering projects. Year after year we have increased our specialties, today offering services in design, construction, installation, assembly of pipes and quality control. Likewise, we commercialize geosynthetic products.

Our general management team, the financial, administrative, commercial and operations area create a balance with project execution, reaffirming the ethical values ​​on which the operation of our company is based.

Our work is carried out in national and international territories in the agricultural, mining, energy, environmental and civil sectors.


Andex Del Norte S.A. is a team of professionals composed of multidisciplinary specialists; with knowledge and experience at the  national and international level that allows us to provide Integral Solutions of Soil Bioengineering and Engineering with Geosynthetics, using state-of-the-art technologies, local engineering, and the empirical knowledge of our communities.

Within our portfolio of solutions, we have Erosion Control, Slope Stability, Soil Reinforcement and Improvement, Distribution and Load Support, Channel Lining, Drainage and Water Management, as well as revegetation of areas affected by nature or the activity of infrastructure works.