Tailor Engineering is a specialist consultancy. Your partner for tailor-made and customized solutions.

We offer support to engineering consultants, contractors, other stakeholders and even to producers.

We are capable of providing a wide range of geotechnical design services, with an additional specialism in soil structures.

Our primary expertise is the field of geosynthetics, in sectors including earthworks and foundation engineering, mining, highways and railways, erosion control, landfills and environment, brown field sites, land reclamation, stock yards, sludge lagoons etc.

We design with many different types of products coming from a variety of manufactures. We choose the most technically sound and cost-effective material for every situation according to Clients needs and project requirements.


“Producer/Supplier of geosynthetics and related products.

Manufacturing Plants: Italy, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Argentina, France, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Korea, Costa Rica, Peru, Russia

Distribution Companies: India, Australia, New Zealand, UK

* Rockfall Protections

* Gabions, Reno Mattresses, hexagonal wire and Terramesh System for reinforced soil structures.

* Bonded polyester geogrids (40-1250kN/m)

* Woven polyester geogrids

* Non woven geotextiles

* Woven polypropylene geotextiles

* Geocomposites for drainage

* BIOMATS (straw, coir and mixed)

* Geosynthetic clay liners

* HDPE geomembrane (MACLINE)

* Poliammide and polypropylene geomats (with and without reinforcements)”