PLASTIKA KRITIS is a manufacturer of geomembranes since 1992 and has supplied millions of square meters for a variety of applications to many countries all over the world. It is recognized as an experienced and very competitive manufacturer with outstanding quality and reliable service.

Geomembranes can be supplied from 3 manufacturing locations in Greece, France and China, ensuring security of supply as well as optimization of transport cost and transit time.


Leading Technical Textiles Manufacturer

Converting polypropylene to performance materials since 1977, Thrace Group is one of the top producers of Technical Fabrics & Packaging Solutions in the world. Thrace Group member companies operate in 9 countries, Greece, UK, USA, Ireland, Norway, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia & Sweden, with a workforce of 2,000 specialised professionals, serving over 1500 customers in a global network of more than 80 countries.

Thrace Group converts more than 110.000 tons of PP & PE annually.

Sustainable Business

Endorsing sustainability as the new fundamental discipline of modern engineering, Thrace Group offers a full product portfolio in Geosynthetics, for cost effective construction works, for multiple environmental applications, land restoration and pollution prevention purposes. Thrace Group Geosynthetics range includes Nonwoven & Woven Geotextiles, Biaxial Geogrids & Composites, Drainage Geonets & Composites, GCL, Asphalt Pavement Fabrics, suitable for Building, Transportation, Environmental, Mining, Water Infrastructure, Tunnelling, Energy & Renewables markets.