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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is dedicated to developing and disseminating news and information to the IGS membership. The committee is actively engaged in developing the IGS newsletter and its website.

Mission Statement of the Communications Committee
The IGS Communications Committee is composed of IGS Council members and of invited IGS members. The committee aims to develop and coordinate communication on geosynthetics in all its forms and to promote the appropriate use of geosynthetics via different communication channels. These channels include the newsletter, the website, the IGS journals, and audio-visual materials.

If you have news to share with your colleagues or members of IGS contact

Charge of the Communications Committee:

  • To coordinate the newsletter together with the IGS News Editor, according to the established protocol
  • To provide material to improve the IGS website and to provide updates regularly, according the protocol under establishment
  • To promote the circulation of the two official journals of IGS and to maintain contacts with their Editors, Editorial Boards, and Publishers
  • To produce on a regular basis specific audiovisual pieces, to be circulated at conferences and events, both in the geosynthetics engineering discipline and also in related disciplines, such as environmental, geotechnical, transportation and hydraulic engineering
  • To interact with other IGS committees, scientific, and professional engineering societies in subjects of common interest, where the communication component may play an important role for the benefit of the geosynthetics discipline and of the IGS
Committee Lead
Sam Allen
TRI/Environmental Inc.

Download Membership List (PDF)