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XXIX Italian National Conference on Geosynthetics (Bologna, 18 October 2018)

The XXIX Italian National Conference on Geosynthetics was held on 18th October 2018 in Bologna, giving excellent results in terms of both number of registered attendees and quality of presented


IGS Young Members: Down to Earth – An Interview with IGS President, Professor Chungsik Yoo, PhD

In this edition of the regular feature, the young members committee interviewed the recently elected president of the IGS. Name / Institution: Dr. Chungsik Yoo, PhD., Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea.

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Two for a Few with Dr. Laura Carbone and Elizabeth Peggs

 During the 11ICG, Dr. Laura Carbone, Chair of the IGS Young Members Committee interviewed Elizabeth Peggs, the outgoing IGS Secretary (2010-2018) & retired Director of Geosynthetica (2000-2018).