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XXXI Italian National Conference on Geosynthetics – Bari 2021

The XXXI Italian National Conference on Geosynthetics was held on 7 October 2021 in Bari alongside the large construction fair SAIE 2021. The event held for the first time in Bari gave excellent results both in terms of the number of registered participants and the quality of the presented papers. Moreover, the context of the SAIE Exhibition (the international reference point for the world of construction in Italy) enhanced the importance and impact of geosynthetics presentations. This year the theme of the Conference was “Sustainability, Environmental aspects and Climate changes”.

The conference was organised by the Italian Geotechnical Association (AGI) and the Italian Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (AGI-IGS), in partnership with SAIE 2021 and SENAF.

Nicola Moraci (President of AGI), Daniele Cazzuffi (President of AGI-IGS) and Leonardo Damiani (Chair of the Civil, Environmental, Land, Building Engineering and Chemistry Department – Polytechnic of Bari) opened the conference that was divided, as usual, into two sessions.

The morning session coordinated by Daniele Cazzuffi focused on ‘Sustainability and environmental aspects’. The first two contributions covered the sustainable use of geosynthetics in landfills; the keynote lecture of Stefania Bilardi and Nicola Moraci on “The use of geosynthetics in the sustainable design of controlled landfill”. Daniele Cazzuffi and Piergiorgio Recalcati presented the second lecture on the “Increase of the available volume in landfills using reinforced embankments”. Two additional contributions dealt with the role of geotechnical engineering and geosynthetics in the management of contaminated sediments: Claudia Vitone on the theme “From characterization to sustainable reuse of contaminated sediments: the role of geotechnical engineering in the mar Piccolo of Taranto” and Alberto Simini on the “Capping of contaminated sediments with active geocomposities”. Finally, the lecture of Domenico Gaudio on “Seismic design of geosynthetic-reinforced earth retaining walls following a performance-based approach” closed the morning session of the conference.

Nicola Moraci coordinated the afternoon session with four lectures focused on ‘Sustainability and Climate changes’. The first two lectures dealt with the rules governing the environmental impacts of geosynthetics with the lecture of Alessandro Manzardo on “Made Green Italy to support environmental superiority of geotextiles and related products” and the lecture of Francesco Fontana on the “Environmental impact of geosynthetics: International researches and activity”. The last two presentations focused on specific applications of geosynthetics; the first one on “Geotextiles and their sustainable applications in alpine environment” from the authors A. Senese, B. De Felice, R. Ambrosini e G. Diolaiuti; the second one was the lecture of Pietro Rimoldi on the “Design of the bank protection against erosion of watercourses as a function of climate change”.

At the end of each session, a fruitful and interesting discussion on the different topics took place.

Proceedings were edited by Daniele Cazzuffi, Nicola Moraci, and Claudio Soccodato. The volume (more than 100 pages) is in Italian with English abstracts and it is available at a cost by contacting Pàtron Editore at

The next XXXII Italian National Conference on Geosynthetics will be held on 20 October 2022 in Bologna alongside the large construction fair SAIE 2022.