We’re Hiring!

With the 2018 geosynthetic market reaching $13.2b and forecasted to grow to over $20b by 2025, the opportunity for further growth and increased influence is both real and required to ensure potential is maximised and the greatest level of value add is delivered to the members and to the market. As such the IGS now seeks to appoint its first full time executive to lead the organisation as Executive Director.

The Executive Director will take a lead in the co-ordinating of IGS and value add to membership, help drive market influence and provide leadership within the geosynthetic community. In addition to current needs and requirements the Executive Director must look to the future and the strategic positioning of the society evolving the membership model towards a service-based organisation which provides the highest level of support and input to its members.

Objectives for this individual as highlighted by the taskforce would include:

1)            Provide overview, manage, lead, deliver on projects with positive outcomes.

2)            Bring focus, leadership and direction to IGS channelling many ideas into workable objectives.

3)            Move IGS to being proactive to market needs and less reactive, thereby helping to increase influence.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • An understanding of the geosynthetics / civil engineering market
  • Gravitas and influencing skills helping to build relationships across a wide community
  • Outstanding project management skills, a starter finisher
  • The ability to work across timelines, cultures and levels
  • Strong organisational skills to manage multiple tasks whilst remaining focused on long term aspirations

This is an exciting role helping to shape the future landscape of this market. For more information and to apply, click here.

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