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Sustainability Focus At EuroGeo 7

Sustainability will be the subject of a special session organized by IGS officers at the largest geosynthetics conference in Europe.

Geosynthetics’ place in the circular economy will be discussed at the final afternoon session on September 6, during the four-day EuroGeo 7 event in Poland. IGS Vice President Dr Nathalie Touze and a participating panellist will explore how best to create a ‘make – use – return’ loop for geosynthetics’ use, balancing the need for efficient use of resources with that of reducing plastic waste.

Dr Touze explained: “There are growing concerns about how best to implement a circular economy. As part of the plastics industry we must play our part in exploring how geosynthetics can be sustainable in this respect. Society – and the future health of our planet – demands it.

“Our session will explore the term ‘circular economy’, how we define what single-use and recycling means, and how the need for sustainable materials will impact the current and future development of geosynthetics. We acknowledge the part our materials play in the green debate. It’s important we lead the discussion on taking on the challenge.

“The session will be an invaluable insight into the current state of affairs, technological advances, and limitations, and will include consideration of what it will take to improve our approach to these pressing issues.”

The conference, from September 6-9, will be held at the historic Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. The speaker program includes keynote lectures from Dr Martin Ziegler, Professor Fumio Tatsuoka, Professor Jie Han and Dr Kerry Rowe.

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