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Sound Geotechnical Research to Practice

41277Geotechnical Special Publication Honoring the Contributions of Robert D. Holtz Edited by Armin W. Stuedlein and Barry R. Christopher
In cooperation with the ASCE Seattle Section Geotechnical Group

For more than 45 years Professor Bob Holtz, P.E., D.GE., Dist. M. ASCE, has made distinguished contributions to the assessment of fundamental soil behavior, soft ground construction and improvement, geosynthetic and steel reinforced soils, and geotechnical engineering education. Through his tenure at Purdue University and the University of Washington, Dr. Holtz has made a national and international impact through service in professional organizations such as ASCE, ASFE, ASTM, IGS, Geo- Institute, and TRB, as well as numerous other institutions (e.g., the Swedish Geotechnical Institute, various consulting firms, and contractors). Dr. Holtz has also made a significant impact to the professional community in the Puget Sound region, helping build the connection between industry and the University of Washington.

Sound Geotechnical Research to Practice will comprise a collection of papers honoring the contribution of Robert D. Holtz in geotechnical research and practice. This volume will contain select papers by Bob Holtz, including his 2010 Terzaghi Lecture, papers presented in honor of Bob Holtz at the 2007 Spring Seminar hosted by the ASCE Seattle Section Geotechnical Group, and other invited and solicited papers by professors, researchers, practicing geotechnical engineers, and contractors. Selected papers will be presented with release of the Proceedings at GeoCongress 2013.

Abstracts Due May 8, 2011. For more information and abstract submission, navigate to: