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Register Now For GRI-GM13 Update Webinar

Did you know that the high density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane GRI-GM13 standard specification published by the Geosynthetic Institute was recently revised? Join an informative webinar later this month to explore the update and more.

IGS Council member Sam Allen, Vice President of the TRI Environmental Group, will guide participants through the GRI GM13 specification, discuss different test methods and procedures and share details of the update to the Standard OIT Test from ASTM D3895 to D8117. Mr. Allen will also discuss possible future revisions currently under consideration.

First adopted on June 17, 1997, GRI GM13 has been through 16 renewals including the latest update in March, last year. The test method is a set of minimum properties that must be met, or exceeded, by both smooth and textured HDPE geomembranes with a formulated sheet density of 0.941 g/cc, or greater, in the thickness range of 0.75 mm to 3.0 mm upon being manufactured.

Hosted by the IGS Technical Committee on Barrier Systems (TC-B), the talk titled

GRI-GM13: Test methods, properties and frequency for HDPE geomembranes – background and details of the latest revision 2021’, will take place on April 27 and be repeated on May 11.

Register as follows:

April 27, 12pm AEST (April 27, 4am CEST, April 26, 10pm EDT)

May 11, 11pm AEST (3pm CEST/ 9am EDT)

For more information about the webinars, contact TC-B secretary Amir Shahkolahi at


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