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Initiatives: IGS Ambassadors Program

The main task of the Ambassadors Program is to help increase awareness of the geosynthetics industry among members of the scientific community. Ambassadors achieve this objective through active dissemination of information on geosynthetics at various events worldwide.

Ambassadors offer support and assistance, when needed, to all chapters of the IGS. Ambassadors also help foster relationships between local and global geosynthetics groups with the objective of expanding and developing the local IGS Chapter. One way Ambassadors reach out to the scientific and engineering communities is by acting as official representatives of the IGS while attending or actively participating in conferences, lectures, and other educational events.

IGS Ambassadors may work with a local IGS Chapter, or potential new IGS Chapter, to help plan and organize events and activities. The Ambassadors can contribute to a specific program of an existing chapter or help organize an event with the goal of forming a new IGS chapter.

When no local chapter exists, Ambassadors coordinate a meeting with a local geosynthetics group to discuss the benefits of forming an IGS Chapter. The Ambassadors also assist in the formation of a new chapter by instructing the group on how to set up their membership roster and bylaws.

Host an Ambassadors Program (PDF)


Ambassadors Initiatives Meetings

In 2015, the IGS funded Ambassadors to events in Peru, Tunisia, Algeria, China, Colombia and India.

IGS Ambassadors Prof. Chiwan Hsieh (Chinese Taipei) and Prof. Fumio Tatsuoka (Japan) attended the 5th Chinese Geosynthetic Reinforcement Conference, which was held 22 May 2015 in Sichuan, China. The conference took place at Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu.

A meeting, hosted by Prof. Chao Xu, Vice President of the Chinese Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (CCIGS), was held with representatives of the Chinese Chapter. The meeting included discussions on the history and operations of the society along with updates on the activities of the CCIGS and IGS chapters throughout the world.

Future of the IGS Ambassadors Program

The Ambassadors Initiative helps foster improved communications between the society, regional council committees, and IGS chapters. This program allows for the sharing of future development plans and discussing ways to engage members of the geosynthetics community with the IGS on the regional, national, and international level.

Ambassadors may work with an IGS chapter to plan and organize activities including securing the venue, providing on-site support, and promoting and marketing an event. IGS members interested in the Ambassador program should contact their Regional Activities Committee to request sponsorship to help cover travel expenses. To learn the exact requirements to become an IGS Ambassador read the IGS Ambassadors Guide, available as a PDF download.

Host an Ambassadors Program (PDF)

Ambassadors Program Contacts

IGS chapters or members interested in the Ambassador program should contact their Regional Activities Committee (RAC) to submit a proposal.

Committee Chair
Jabulile Msiza

Committee Chair
Prof. Chiwan Wayne Hsieh

Committee Chair
Laura Carbone

Committee Chair
Tim Stark

General questions regarding the IGS Ambassadors program should be directed to:

IGS Secretariat
TEL: 1 561 768 9489

Contact the IGS Secretariat to learn more about getting involved in the IGS Ambassadors Initiatives Program: