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Current Initiatives of the IGS

The International Geosynthetics Society encourages its chapter members, individual members, corporate members, and benefactors to be involved with the Society. One way to meet this goal is by urging members to pursue opportunities with one, or both, of the IGS Initiative Programs.

The current initiatives projects of the Society include:

  • IGS Ambassadors Program
  • IGS Educate the Educators (ETE) Program

Ambassadors Initiatives Program

The main task of the Ambassadors Program is to help increase awareness of the geosynthetics industry among members of the scientific community. Ambassadors achieve this objective through active dissemination of information on geosynthetics at various events worldwide. In conjunction with event participation, an Ambassador will help to form a new IGS Chapter in an area without a chapter or interact with the local chapter.

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Educate the Educators (ETE) Initiatives Program

The ETE Program demonstrates to university professors methods with which they can include geosynthetics topics and information in their existing engineering curricula. This approach serves the main goal of the program: to introduce the field of geosynthetics to undergraduate and graduate level students enrolled in engineering programs.

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Questions about any of the IGS Initiatives Programs can be directed to: