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IGS General Assembly to be held at the 9th ICG

FaviconThe 7th General Assembly of the IGS is scheduled to be held at the 9ICG in Guarujá, Brazil, on Wednesday May 26 at 4 PM in the Sofitel Guaruja – please refer to the conference program for meeting room details.

All members of the IGS are encouraged to attend. The meeting is only open to IGS Members and invited guests of the IGS Council and Officers. Members desiring to attend must be fully paid members by May 11, 2010 (15 days prior to the General Assembly).

In Guarujá Brazil on Wednesday May 26 at 4 PM the 7th General Assembly of the IGS will be held during the 9th ICG in the year 2010. A member in attendance can carry the proxy of no more than five absent members. Proxies must be validated by the Secretariat prior to the General Assembly. Chapters must confirm their membership through the Secretariat through May 11, 2010.

Immediately following the closing of the General Assembly the IGS Awards will be presented.

The tentative agenda of the meeting is as follows:

  • Welcome of members of IGS Quorum (President)
  • Presentation of the procedure for the General Assembly and appointment of poll tellers (Secretary)
  • Approval of the minutes of the preceding General Assembly (Secretary) – VOTE
  • Address and report of the President of IGS
  • Report of the Secretary of IGS
  • Report by the Treasurer of IGS – VOTE
  • Approval of Society’s activities – VOTE
  • Vote of documents prepared by the Council (e.g., matters arising, amendments to bylaws) (President)
  • Proposed subscription fee (Treasurer) – VOTE
  • Appointment of Financial Review Committee (Treasurer) – VOTE
  • Selection of the date of the International Conference to be held after the next International
  • Conference (President Elect) – VOTE
  • Selection of the date and location of the next General Assembly (Secretary) – VOTE
  • Any other business (President)
  • Introduction of the new officers and council for the period of 2010 to 2014 (President)
  • Closing remarks (President Elect)

Reported by Pete Stevenson, IGS Secretary