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IGS Chile Hosts First Members’ Assembly

Exciting webinar topics and plans for the rest of 2021 were shared at IGS Chile’s first members’ meeting.

Participants gathered virtually to hear what the chapter had in store and to submit feedback and ideas.

President of IGS Chile Francisco Pizarro said: ‘It was wonderful to hold our inaugural gathering and present our program for the next few months. It was also an opportunity to hear from our members, their views and ideas, which is crucial to developing our chapter and better serving our members.

“Member feedback included ideas for future webinars and courses, and a discussion on the best ways to reach new members, for example via email and social networks, and improving our website.”

Members heard about:

    • Plans to relaunch the Reinforcement and Geopipe Committee. The chapter was keen to understand what was important to those potentially wishing to join.
    • Chile’s Barriers Committee which has translated a series of documents from the Geosynthetic Institute like the GRI-GM13 Standard Specification.
    • An Educate the Educators event due to take place in the first two weeks of October, this year. Speakers are due to include Jorge Zornberg, Augusto Alza and Rosemberg Reyes. Details for registration will be available soon.
    • IGS Chile webinars which have covered topics including geocells in hydraulic projects, geotubes for coastal protection, MSE retaining walls against avalanches, and soil reinforcement with geosynthetics.

Mr Pizzaro added he was looking forward to updating members at the next meeting in December.

For more about IGS Chile, visit the chapter website here.

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