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Free Virtual Workshops On Canals

Significant opportunities for the use of geosynthetics in canal improvements will be explored in a three-day virtual workshop series this month.

The series, titled ‘Improving the performance of canals with geosynthetics’, is organized by the IGS Technical Committee on Hydraulics (TC-H) and supported by the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage. The workshops are using Egypt’s current massive canal rehabilitation program as a focus.

Themed ‘Geosynthetics to reduce seepage losses and improve the structural integrity of canals’, the event welcomes a range of eminent speakers including J.P. Giroud, Nathalie Touze, Hervé Plusquellec and Pietro Rimoldi. There will also be bitesized talks from experts in their field.

Egypt’s canal program is one of a series of initiatives being undertaken to tackle the country’s water scarcity issues, which also include the rehabilitation of water drains, promoting the use of modern irrigation systems in agriculture, and an optimal management of water resources.1

TC-H chairman Eric Blond said: “The biggest canal rehabilitation program in the world is taking place right now in Egypt with thousands of kilometres of canals of various dimensions being retrofitted. This is exactly the kind of application where geosynthetics play a dominant role, as they are specifically designed to better manage water resources. We hope that the experience accumulated over more than 50 years will inspire designers from Egypt.”

The workshops, running November 15-17, will focus on different aspects of retrofitting irrigation canals with geosynthetics. The schedule is as follows:

    • Day 1: An overview of retrofitting irrigation canals with geosynthetics

J.P. Giroud will speak on ‘Geosynthetics in canals: applications and performance’, followed by two presentations on global water challenges and the durability of geosynthetics.

    • Day 2: Seepage control

Hervé Plusquellec on ‘Canal lining using geomembranes’, followed by four presentations focusing on specific types of geomembranes.

    • Day 3: Bank stabilization and erosion control

Pietro Rimoldi on ‘Overview of geosynthetics products for erosion control in irrigation channels’, followed by five other presentations on watercourse lining and protection methods.

To register, click HERE. For the full schedule and timings, download the event flyer HERE.

For more about the TC-H, click here.